Practical information

Check in

Check-in is from 4 pm until 11 pm.

For check-in after 11pm we charge a late check-in fee of € 10,-.

If you arrive in the dark, we will send you the address of an meeting place where we will pick you up. The last 5 min. drive in the dark can be difficult for the first time. The pick-up is a free of charge service.

Check out

Check-out is at 11 am. If you wish for a late check-out please check the availability first.

For a late check out we charge € 5,- per 30 min. 

At check out final payment must be made by cash.

Luggage storage


If you wish to stay longer for a while or to relax a little more around the pool, you can leave your luggage in our luggage storage. For changing and/or showering, we offer you our pool shower. Luggage storage is free of charge. If you like to stay for lunch, please let us know at breakfast.

How to get to Casa de la Vida Málaga

Casa de la Vida Malaga can only be reached by car.

If you do not have a car yet and would like to rent one, we are happy to help. 

The last 5 minutes are on an unpaved road and therefore we recommend that you rent a car that is high on the wheels.

You can find us on Google Maps: Casa de la Vida Málaga or use the following code : P8XF+R9 Pizarra, Spain.

Malaga Airport is a 35min. drive away

Special dietary restrictions/allergies 

If you have a special diet and /or allergies that we must take into account, please let us know on our contact form at the special request section.

Honesty Bar

Casa de la Vida Málaga works with an honesty bar.

We have several cold drinks for a fair (reasonable) price. 

Fresh healthy drinking water

Casa de la Vida Málaga is trying to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible.We noticed that the small single use drinking bottles are popular here in Spain.To do better for the environment, we invested in healthy drinking water.

At check in you pay a deposit of € 10,- per refillable drinking bottle per person.

By losing the water bottle, you lose your deposit.

You can also choose buying a water bottle for € 6 euro a bottle.

How we calculate the drinking water use;€ 0,50 per day unlimited drinking water use.For example:

You stay 6 nights x € 0,50 = € 3,- per person for the entire stay,

you pay at check out


It is not allowed to bring and consume your own food and drinks on the property, due to hygiene. Exemption for our guest who are staying in The Casita*

Smoking is only allowed at all patio's. Due to drought in the area, fires can easily occur with a cigarette, especially in the summer.

An ashtray is mandatory. The Andalusian government is taking serious measures by imposing large fines on fires in the summer.

*The Casita

Our guests that are staying in the apartment (The Casita) are allowed to consume their food and beverage in the apartment and their patio.

No food at or around the swimming pool or garden area.

Adults only

Casa de la Vida Málaga uses the Adults only concept. We accept guests that are 18 years and older.

We are a Bed & Breakfast where guest can relax and enjoy their holiday in tranquility.