Green & Sustainable

Casa de la Vida Malaga wishes to be a super sustainable and green Bed & Breakfast,

That is why we invested in the following:

  • The sun! 53m2 of solar panels plus two solar water heating systems: together they provide all the electricity and hot water for the entire bed & breakfast.

  • Drinking water; the drinking water from the tap contains a lot of calcium and chlorine. To provide our guests with healthy and fresh drinking water, we got our own Tradeline water filter system. A system that takes out chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and carcinogenics and replaces it with 18 healthy minerals. 

  • Recycling of plastic, paper, glass and natural waste. Compost leftover food, yard waste and other biodegradable waste will be added to our compost for our garden.

  • Chickens; they give us eggs which we serve for breakfast or use in delicious cakes.

  • Organic vegetable garden; we grow our own vegetables. Organic fruit trees; we have trees full with fruits; fig trees, orange trees, pomegranate, lime trees, grapes and loquat.

  • Herbs and edible flowers; we grow herbs such as basil, celery, rosemary, lavender, thyme and more and edible flowers like, hibiscus, marigolds, east Indian cherry flower.  

  • Our land is filled with wild edible herbs, vegetables and flowers. We have discovered for example wild lavender, wild rocket, wild rosemary and green asparagus, but there is more to discover. So if you have the knowledge about wild herbs, flowers and vegetables, you are welcome to teach us all about it.

  • Upcycling: old/used materials for our garden, chicken coop, artworks etc.

  • Refillable hand soaps