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Body & Sound retreat

The goal of this retreat is to explore the use of movement and sound to tune in with our physical, energetic and spiritual bodies.
We will spend a beautiful weekend in a community learning and practicing Yoga, experiencing sound healing, releasing through different movement practices, breathing and meditating together, enjoying the nature of the Valley, the pool and the healthy food.
In addition, there will be time to relax, do group dynamics and games and dance under the stars to free the body, mind and spirit.
Yoga and Meditation
What better way to wake up and breathe, meditate, listen and move your body?
This is how the mornings will begin in our retreat, looking for this connection of movement and breathing, awakening the body and its senses. It will be a gentle Yoga practice, based on Vinyasa and with elements of mobility and functional movement.
Meditation will help us keep our minds still so that we can deepen the experience of movement and connection.
Sound Healing
It is a beautiful practice to introduce you to sound and vibration that travels through every cell of your body.
This is a physical and energetic concert for body, mind and soul. You will release emotions, cortisol, increase endorphins, lower down your brainwave because of binaural beats, increase sleep quality, boost immunity.
Relaxing for your whole system. Every session is a wonderful journey.

Breathwork and Pranayama
We will experience various breathing practices in which the conscious control of breathing is said to influence a person’s mental, emotional or physical state, with a claimed therapeutic effect.

Thai and Ayurbalance myofascial Massage
We will teach a basic sequence with pressure, stretching, mobilization and dynamic movements that will make you fall in love with these practices.

Movement & more
We will travel through different forms of movement like dance, AcroYoga, Kundalini dance, to uplift, release, release and heal.

We want to create a safe space for free expression through intuitive movement guided by music. Move experimentally. Move to mirror your internal state. Move to make a statement. Move for the sake of it. Move to play. Move to harmonize…or maybe don’t move. There are no rules. There is no right or wrong. There is only you, the space, the music, and the vibration.

Cacao Ceremony & Mantras
We will create a sacred place where we dive deeper into our hearts, using the wonderful cacao as an ultimate heart-opener.

It will help you to connect with your big heart which tells you the truth.
It heals your energetic and physical system, brings you awareness and focus. The cacao will boost your immune system. We will use the frequencies of the Tibetan singing bowls to become in another state of consciousness. We will sing mantras to resonate together and experience a connection of our energies.

Martina Saladino is a certified Yoga and AcroYoga teacher, as well as a Thai massage therapist.

Originally from Italy, she traveled the world to deepen her knowledge in different movement practices and study with many master teachers.
In her classes, you can experience the introspection of Yoga, the power of handstands, the playfulness of AcroYoga, the healing touch of massage, and the anatomy of mobility.
Her mission is to make people trust their own bodies by exploring movement and discovering that we are capable of much more than we imagine. Martina sees Acro and Yoga as powerful tools for personal growth, which can also promote important values such as community and inclusion.
She is based in Malaga 9 months per year while the rest of the time you will find her traveling, sharing her passions and connecting with different communities. Since 2019, she organizes and participates in classes and workshops in Spain, Italy, Thailand, India and Palestine.

More about Martina Saladino

Leonie Schuurman

After 8 years of working as a make-up & hair stylist in Amsterdam, which I loved, I felt ready to explore my spiritual side and expand my skills. In 2020 I began my journey and traveled to India.
While I was there I finished two courses about Ayurbalance deep tissue massage. It’s great to have learned how to treat, help and connect to people with my own two hands.
From there I traveled to Nepal where I went to a private school, guided by an amazing spiritual teacher Anup Panthi.
It was magical to have learned and witnessed how sound & vibrations reach deep into the cells and heal what’s in the physical and energetic body!
We are all energy; Soundhealing and my massages are the gifts I have received and will pass on going forward in my life.
From there on I selected all my different sound healing bowls with my heart, traveled back to Europe and started my new profession.

More about Leonie Schuurman

The price includes:

  • 2 full days of activities
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in rural houses in double or triple rooms.
  • 2 sessions of yoga and meditation
  • 4 workshops and activities.
  • 6 vegan meals cooked with a lot of love + fruit and infusions available all day.
  • The arrival is scheduled for Friday the 29th of April from 4:00 p.m. and the departure on Sunday 1st of May at around 2:00 p.m.
    Dinner on Friday and lunch on Sunday are included.
Finalize your registration and secure your spot by paying a deposit of €100.
After we’ve received your payment, you’ll get a confirmation email from us personally within a week. Your participation is only confirmed after we received your payment and the personal email sent by us.
Cancellation policy:
➟ Until March 22nd we will reimburse the entire deposit less € 50 for management expenses
➟ After March 22nd it will not be possible to reimburse the deposit