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Gibralmora 21
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The family


Sander the creator also know as daddy of Ayaana.
If Sander has an idea he will make sure that idea becomes reality. This is how he has created this little paradise on the hill. Mostly everything you see he has made by hand. He will face all the challenges and has a solution for almost every problem. Here at Casa de la Vida you will see his passion for wood and other natural materials. From mirrors, sliding doors, headboards, bathrooms, decorations or outside the lounge area and the garden. 
Not only is he a magnificent creator, his relaxing energy and kind heart he will make sure you will enjoy your stay the fullest.
When something is broken or something need to be fixed? Sander is your guy but he is also good at fixing you a good drink.
Did you know that he makes the most delicious Sangria? even the Spanish agree.
Hope to see you at the bar. 


Varshana also known as the mother of the house. With an open mind she will receive who ever stays or passes by Casa de la Vida. Just like Casa de la Vida stands for ‘House of Life’. The house itself and the surroundings are full of life in the middle of nature. The perfect place for Varshana to be her true self.

Not only does she love being Ayaana’s mom, she also loves to host and she will (try to) make time for a chat to get to know you.

Did you know that Varshana loves to create various handmade products. From jewelry, organic soap, organic soy wax scented candles and loads more. Visit the shop of Casa de la Vida.


The Alpha lady, protector and smarty pants of the family. Adopted from Bosnia.


Better yet, Prince Willy. Willy will show you the true way of chilling in life. One big lazy ginger cat.


Meet our goof, with his beautiful smile. Blin is truly the sweetest of them all. Adopted from Spain