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Gibralmora 21
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Group Reservation


Prices from € 1950,-
(7 nights/8 days, 10 persons)

10% discount 7 nights/ 8 days

Casa de la Vida Malaga offers group reservations.

  • up to 14 persons
  • 5 accommodations
  • children from age 6 welcome
  • Deposit € 100,- 
  • Minimum stay: 5 nights
  • Breakfast, lunch and diner optional to book

Please read below our general terms & conditions.

Special occasion?

  • Wedding
  • Yoga retreat
  • Birthday

We are happy to be of service.

Celebrating your special day will take some organisation. Casa de la Vida Malaga is here to assist you with your wishes so that you can fully focus on your special day.

We can provide catering, decorations, art-workshop, accommodation, music and photography.

For more information, details and wishes please contact us or lets have a call.

Family holiday or special occasion