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Green & Sustainable

53m2 of solar panels
Edible flowers
Variety of fruit trees
Fresh eggs
Green & sustainable
Casa de la Vida Malaga wishes to be sustainable and a green Bed & Breakfast; we care about our environment.
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How we try to be good for Mother Earth. 


  • The sun! 53m2 of solar panels plus two solar water heating systems: together they provide all the electricity and hot water for the entire bed & breakfast. We inform our guests to use the aircon during the hot days so that your room stays nice and cool in the evening. As a guest you can log in to our Solarweb website and see how much solar power we receive from the sun and how much we use on electricity. To create awareness our guests can follow the Solar usage.


  • Recycling of plastic, paper, glass and natural waste. Compost leftover food, yard waste and other biodegradable waste will be added to our compost for our garden.


  • We have our own chickens, they have a lovely outside space as their own coop. Our lovely chickens provide us with fresh eggs that we love to serve with breakfast or use in cakes and other beverages.


  • Organic vegetable garden; we grow seasonal vegetables, for example zucchini, pumpkins and many more. In the summer it is very hard to grow vegetables due to the strong hot sun. To grow them in the summer will take a lot of water which will be scarce. On and around our Bed & Breakfast you will find different fruit trees;  several green fig trees, orange trees, pomegranate, lime trees, grapes and loquat.


  • Herbs and edible flowers; we grow herbs such as, celery, rosemary, lavender, thyme and more and edible flowers like hibiscus, marigolds and nasturtium.


  • Our land is filled with wild edible herbs, vegetables and flowers. We have discovered for example wild lavender, rocket, rosemary, thyme, anise, fennel, chard, dandelion and green asparagus, but there is more to discover. So if you have the knowledge about wild herbs, flowers and vegetables, you are welcome to teach us all about it.


  • Upcycling: we love to reuse or give old material a new purpose. You will reconize different things that we used for decorations, for our garden, chicken coop and artworks etc.


  • Casa de la Vida Malaga makes use of refillable hand soaps