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Retreat Nusta Karpay

Friday 12 May - Wednesday 17 May, 2023

The shamans from Peru call themselves Paqos and are the masters of the living energy. Together with their people, the Q’eros who have lived in seclusion for almost 500 years. When the ice on the sacred mountains started to melt, they came back to share their wisdom with us. One of their most powerful techniques is the Karpay, the energy transmission according to Andean tradition. In 2009, the Pacos decided that the time was right to share there healing wisdom with us.

What to expect

Nusta Karpay

The Nusta Karpay stand for the feminine Spirit and our 7 chakra’s, each has its own quality and initiation. Especially now that we are in a transformation period to a New Age. A time in which we need to find the balance between male
and female energies. We welcome you for a evening and an 2 full day workshop.

Children from 10 years and older are welcome.

The way of living in gratitude. This special gift they want to share with you. We can go back and learn again how to become grateful for all ~ and it starts with you.

First get rid of your own negative unwanted energies, thoughts, feelings and judgement, To make space for what truly matters.

The 7 Nusta’s

The 7 energy transmissions involve all the elements, earth, water, fire and wind.

The power of mother earth ‘Pacha mama’

During this workshop you will be working among other things with stones, water, candles and flowers.

Mama Occlo: Mother Earth and clearing the chakras, heals your feminine power and restores balance. 

Doña Mujia: Goddess of water. Mujia means ‘mermaid’ and stands for ‘spirit of’ the water’. The job of this Goddess is to teach us to ‘let go’

Mama Simone: Mother of Fire, healing your roots, your ancestral lines.

Doña Teresa: Mother of the Heart, the Goddess of Harmony, of softness, connected to our soul. 

Maria Sakapana: Mother of the Wind, healing communication and expression in you.

Huana Wamantiklla: The Falcon, opening your 3rd eye so you can see who you are and to find peace within yourself.

Tomasa Wamantiklla: The universe, transformation, temple of freedom and prosperity. 


In the Sacred Space, the Paqo will listen and read your energy. So he can give a appropriate and suited healing. Clearing heavy energy. Where he brings light, often shows the shadow, trauma, illness and emotions. This can then be released. This experience can make you feel much lighter and liberated.
The Paqo gives personal advice for the coming period.

Duration 1 hour / 1,5 hour


Munay Karpay

Munay blessing is a heart opening inauguration. Speak from the heart in Munay. This inauguration is for the once who are seeking for compassion and want to let go of judgment and find the path in Munay.

Duration 2,5 hours


The Paqos will decide which meditation they want to give, depending on the
group energy.


The Haywarikuy also know as despacho are offerings made of natural materials. Think of flowers, rice, leafs. The despacho is an expression of saying thank you, something we don’t often tell ourselves.

During the making proces, you manifest your intentions. By asking the universe what you deeply desire. If this is a better health or to find harmony or to wish for prosperity. 

The despachos are offered to the fire or to pacha mama.

Meet the Paqos,
Don Alejandro and his son Don Justo.

They come from the Q’eros communities in Peru.

The Paqos are part from an unbroken bloodline and are one of the last descendants of the Incas. They are here to share ways in which we can heal ourselves, heal within, and heal our mother earth – our beloved Pachamama. 

Get the know Don Alejandro and his son Don Justo. By watching this interview filmed on there sacred mountain. 


The perfect location

Casa de la Vida Malaga is located on a hill in a secluded spot in the Andalusian countryside. The panoramic view creates a sense of tranquility. We are surrounded by nature and everything that lives here.

Sander, Varshana and baby Ayaana welcome you to their warm home together with their animals.

Casa de la Vida lends itself well to the beautiful retreat of the Nusta Karpay. A place where you will experience the magical feeling of mother nature.


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Prices full retreat

Accommodation facilitates for 12 people depending on double or single room bookings. 
Finalize your registration and secure your place with a 50% non refundable payment.
After we’ve received your payment, you’ll get a confirmation email from us personally. Your participation is only confirmed after we received your payment and the personal email sent by us.


  • 2 day Nusta Karpay workshop
  • 1,5 hour individuel healing
  • Meditation
  • Haywarikuy/Despacho ceremony
  • 3 nutritious vegetarian meals per day
  • fruit, small snacks and water available
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Bath towel, pool towel and linen 


    • Flights and travel arrangements (help getting here can be arranged beforehand)
    • Extra drinks available from the honesty bar
    • Munay Karpay initiation (2,5 hours) € 100,- extra
    • Full body massage (1 hour) € 45,- on reservation only

Workshop price

Day prices