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Planting Freedom retreat

Friday 14 October - Monday 17 October, 2023

Our names are Pien and Wessel, we facilitate Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Kambo treatment.
Wessel is an experienced Kambo Practitioner and plant medicine host and facilitator. Wessel became interested in the world of plant medicines at a young age. After years of research and having gained rich experiences himself, he decided to guide others with plant medicines and left for the jungle of Peru to learn more about this. After a very educational time in the jungle it was time to return and put the knowledge gained into practice. Three years later he has treated many with Kambo and guided a lot of groups with Huachuma and mushrooms.
Pien is an experienced Plant Medicine host and facilitator, she has past experience in health care and psychology. After working in the ‘western’ mental health care for years, it was time to practice what she preached, and took a different path. She started learning about Plant Medicine and Alternative Therapy more and more and experienced herself how much it can help bring to the surface what needs attention. She knew and felt she was fit to start learning how to facilitate this experience for other people. And so began the journey of becoming an apprentice and later host her own ceremonies.
We will set a space for you where you can feel safe and free to be vulnerable and work on yourself with the plants. We believe in your own power to heal yourself and we will support you on this journey as best as we can.
It is our goal to guide participants as well and safely as possible in the process they enter into with the plants. We are not going to confront you with ‘what we think you need’. We believe that you and the plants are going on the journey together and that the plant will give you what you need. We are here for you to chat, cuddle, reassure you or mirror you (at your request).
San Pedro/Huachuma
Huachuma is regarded as the ‘grandfather’, a masculine energy. Strong, loving but decisive, the grandfather travels with you to the pieces that deserve attention. He can be confrontational, but does this from his leather chair with a firm soft hand. He helps you gain insight into the patterns that hold you back from your potential.
The grandfather has the well-known power to connect you with your feeling and nature. He supports you to get deeper into your body, breathe at your natural pace and can give you deep insights. In addition, it is also the nice grandfather with a lot of humor.
Blue lotus
Blue lotus is a beautiful flower that originated in Ancient Egypt. At that time, the plant was cultivated along the Nile River. Blue lotus is a ‘Heart Chakra opener’. She has the power to make you feel deeply and be supported in feeling.
She can take you on a little trip or help ground you, she gives you exactly what you need. Because Blue Lotus also has a calming effect, it is often used by us to go deeper into the process or to rest.
You can smoke Blue Lotus or drink it as a tea, in both forms it tastes very different.
Rapé is a traditional and powerful indigenous medicine originating from the Amazon rainforest. It has been used by indigenous tribes in South America for centuries, primarily for healing, spiritual purposes, and ceremonial rituals.
Rapé is made from a combination of finely ground tobacco leaves, often from the Nicotiana rustica plant, and various medicinal plants, such as tree barks, seeds, or leaves. These ingredients are carefully mixed and pulverized to create a fine powder.
A small amount of the powder is blown into each nostril using a special blowpipe called a “tepí”. The act of receiving rapé is seen as a means of cleansing, grounding, and connecting with the spiritual realm.
When rapé is taken, it induces a powerful effect that can vary depending on the specific blend and the individual’s intention. It is known to provide mental clarity, focus, and a sense of energy and alertness. Some users also report experiencing heightened spiritual awareness and a deeper connection with themselves and the natural world.
Sananga is a liquid made from the roots and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulaata shrub, a “milkwood” species. And comes straight from the hands of the Amazon tribes.
The liquid is dropped into the corners of the eyes, after which it immediately feels burning in the eyes, you can therefore hardly open your eyes and experience deep dark colors in your vision. It can help to immediately enter a meditation state and bring you back to deep breathing and deepening in your body. Sananga helps bring focus back to your intentions, and gives absolute clarity.
Kambo, also known as the frog medicine is a traditional Amazonian healing practice that involves the application of the secretions from the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog. This practice has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest for its potential healing and cleansing properties.
During a Kambo ceremony, small burns are made on the skin, typically on the arm or leg, and the Kambo secretion is applied to the wounds. The peptides found in the secretion have various physiological effects on the body, including stimulating the immune system, detoxifying the body, and promoting a sense of well-being. Kambo is known for its intense and purgative effects. It often induces vomiting and may also cause sweating and temporary discomfort. However these purging effects help to release toxins from the body and promote overall physical and emotional healing.In addition to its physical effects, Kambo is often described as an intense and transformative experience on an emotional and spiritual level. Many people report feelings of increased clarity, emotional release, and a sense of connection with themselves and the natural world.
Accommodation facilitates for 12 people depending on double or single room bookings. Finalize your registration and secure your place with a 50% non refundable payment. After we’ve received your payment, you’ll get a confirmation email from us personally. Your participation is only confirmed after we received your payment and the personal email sent by us.


  • 3 nutritious vegetarian meals per day
  • fruit, small snacks and water available
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Bath towel, pool towel and linen 


    • Flights and travel arrangements (help getting here can be arranged beforehand)
    • Drinks available from the honesty bar